Vestida De Azul, Event Series

Tue Sep 29 2020
Iron Works, Brighton UK

Otherness Archive presents Vestida de Azul (1983) by Antonio Gliménez Rio. Filmed only three years after homosexual intercourse was legalized in Spain and as reports of Spain's first HIV cases were emerging, this cult film is an invaluable document of trans survival and its entanglements with sex work, burlesque, family, religion and state. Its lessons are pertinent now as the day it was made.

This event will shine a light on the historical context of the invaluable documentary Vestida de Azul and highlight the importance of the work that goes into preserving and archiving trans histories.

The subtitling and translation of this film was commissioned by Otherness Archive and the first English translation of its kind, by Ailo Ribas and Sara Yaoska Herrera Dixon.