Otherness Archive Preview

Sat Jul 30 2022
Phoenix Art Space, Brighton

Otherness Archive Preview

A month-long screening of a selection of work from both international and national filmmakers and artists who submitted to Otherness Archive's open call, as well as films found by our researchers. The wide range of work focuses on the nuances of the trans masc experience.

The project - the forgotten archives of the trans masc experience - refers to how the practice of archiving trans masculine lives has been forgotten. The intention of this archival project is to create potential ideas and thoughts on what a trans masc archive could look like. Additionally, to document the process of constructing an archive, rebuilding an archive, assembling an archive - and how it could reflect both the absence and the presence of a "forgotten archive". The intention is to not talk about the films as "forgotten work": rather, its focus is about the practice of archiving, how we see work and how we understand research.

Curated by Sweatmother

Researchers: Romeo Roxman Gatt, Yaz Metcalfe, Sweat

Film Programme

  • Very Important Trans Artwork | Maz Murray | UK 2021 | 8 min
  • Godasses - Part III: Jamal Phoenix | Emre Busse | Germany | 2022 | 8 min
  • Audreys Beard | Alec Butler | USA | 2002 | 2 mins
  • Passing | J. Mitchel Reed & Lucah Rosenberg Lee | 2015 | USA | 22 min

40 mins total