Biting the Image, Program

Wed Jan 25 2023
Institue of Contemporary Art, London

Otherness Archive: Biting The Image + Q&A

Twisting, caressing, studying, tearing, collecting – there are infinite things you can do with images, and as many ways to create them. These films by trans masculine filmmakers are firm in their refusal to be contained, intimately and urgently expanding the possibilities of the four corners of the video frame. Again and again, the image’s polished exterior is bitten through to portray trans masculine desires, dreams, and daily rhythms, whether it be via Grindr screenshots, passport scans, or Google Streetview.

Featuring films from the Otherness Archive, a visual archive documenting queer films and its pioneers, these works exemplify a breadth of filmic play, experimentation, and inventiveness. As Biting The Image evidences: the marriage between refusing to live by a cisheteronormative standard and moving image is a fertile and relevant one. The screening is activated by a live performance by Yuki Marin and Matisse Ciel, and followed by a Q&A with filmmakers Sweatmother, and Maz Murray.

Programmed by April Lin 林森, Curator for Otherness Archive.

Film Programme

  • Inner Dawn | Riven Ratanavanh | 2022 | USA
  • I Might Go and Throw My Phone into the Lake, Yeah | Lucia Vives and Sam Fuentes | 2022 | Netherlands
  • Sight | TJ Cuthand | 2021 | Little Pine First Nation, Canada
  • Dear Lou Sullivan| Rhys Ernst | 2014 | USA
  • ID Copy | C Cienfuegos | 2020 | Spain
  • Untitled | Sweatmother | 2022 | UK
  • Pyramid Revealed by a Sandstorm | Raju Rage | 2017 | UK
  • The Gender Song | Evan Ifekoya | 2014 | UK
  • comme tous les garçons | Morisha Moodley | 2022 | UK
  • Femme Cowboy | Sweatmother | 2021 | UK
  • Very Important Trans Artwork | Maz Murray | 2021 | UK
  • medica_ed | j. frank | 2022 | UK