UNPACKED Desires Program

Wed Sep 21 2022
Barbican, London

Fringe! Queer Film Festival 2022, guest curation by Sweamother on behalf of Otherness Archive called Unpacked Desires.

The films selected—are all made by people in the same kinds of communities as the ones we live in—explore trans masculinities through love, sex, relationships and one’s body. Running through all of these films, in one form or another, is desire: desire to belong, to be loved, to hold, to fuck, to be. Perhaps the one unifying thread between all these films is that none of them end with a clear resolution. Trans bodies are not linear, and neither are the paths we take to shape them. To be trans is to be constantly in motion: to relish processes, not ends: to surrender oneself to desire and throw fate to the wind.

The program includes a special reading by the group JAWFILLERS.

Film Programme

  • Bros Before | Henry Hanson | 2022 | US
  • Dungarees | Abel Rubinstein | 2020 | UK
  • Godasses - Part III: Jamal Phoenix | Emre Busse | 2022 | Germany
  • THEYSUCK | Pierro Pastis | 2021 | UK
  • Comme tous les garçons | Morisha Moodley | 2022 | UK
  • The Space Dykes and Other Adventures | Julian Konuk | 2022 | UK
  • Pirate Boys | Pol Merchan | 2018 | Germany

Content Warning: sex, nudity