Otherness in Other Worlds, Program

Tue Aug 23 2022
Phoenix Art Space, Brighton

Curator May Ziadé presents a screening of short films centred around Otherness in Other Worlds on behalf of Otherness Archive.

Whether on the star and moon, or within dream-like realms of inner projections, all these films are centered around Otherness in Other Worlds. At the crossroad between fantasy and reality, the events and situations depicted on screen shine a light on the Other's relationship to the world we all tangibly inhabit - and projects us into one where we don't. The OtherWorlds are neither utopias or dystopias - but all function as a reminder that the line between hope and despair is fine.

Film Programme

  • The Blue Star | Valentin Noujaïm | 2020 | Lebanon, France, Qatar
  • Moonscape | Mona Benyamin | 2020 | Palestine
  • Dreaming X | Antonia Luxem | 2021
  • Scenes I Imagine | Metin Akdemir | 2020 | Turkey

Curated by May Ziadé

Running time: 101′ (1 hour and 41 minutes)