Queer Masculinity in Films and Curations with Cat Jones

Sat Jul 01 2023
Avalon Cafe, South East London

Join us for an informal talk and screening with Los Angeles artist, Cat Jones, to discuss his short "Reverence of Self, 2021"  as it relates to queer masculinity within his community, and abroad. We will talk about what intersections we are facing as a collective, and where there are shifts that still need to be made structurally within society to better align with a community that has been in existence since the beginning. He will also discuss his curation process with "Outsiders in Berlin" which unpacks the connection between völkerschauen*, and the present-day objectification of transmasculine individuals living in Berlin.

*​​Völkerschauen: The common term coined in the 19th century for Human zoos, also known as ethnological expositions, were public displays of people, usually in a so-called "natural" or "primitive" state.

Donation Based

Location: Juno Wy., London SE14 5RZ

Doors open 3

Screening at 3:30-5pm

Access: street to floor access, accesible for wheelchair users. This event will be spoken in English


Artist Bio:

Cat Jones is a multi-media artist and independent curator whose work is centered around identity, self-acceptance, and reflection. He uses his years of mental health work to gauge his practice and influence narratives that are necessary to highlight; work that centers on the interpersonal dialogue one has with the external world, in ways that are inviting, sharp, and warm.


Film: Reclaiming Performance; Reverence of Self, 2021

This film serves as a visual & auditory reclamation of trans-masculine existence through performance. In this, there is a reclaiming of narrative & archival stories as it relates to one's aspect of Black Trans Masculinity. It is a call to witness black queer artistry as a form of resistance against Western cultural binaries.