TATE X Otherness Archive: Rage & Joy, Grief & Play

Sat Jun 10 2023
Tate Britain, London UK

As part of this year’s festival, TATE has invited Otherness Archive to curate a film programme.

As Trans+ people we hold moments of joy, euphoria, and play in one hand, and grief, sorrow, and anger in the other. Soaking in joy and celebration of our communities is necessary to our survival, while recognising that our happiness is based on our safety and wellbeing is non-negotiable. In this film programme, we share how joy and laughter are necessary in our lives, because joy and rage can sometimes be one of the same — especially when combating anti trans laws and legislations to carve out a space for Trans+ lives to thrive.

Curated by Sweatmother and April Lin 林森

Full Film Program

Please Say Hello To Me, Anuka Ramischwili-Schäfer and Sopo Ramischwili, Germany 2019

Transexual Menace (Excerpts), Rosa von Praunheim, United States 1996

Heroes, Tram Anh (Andy) Nguyen, Canada 2020

Big Titty Baking Boys, Master Satanas and Grey August, United States

FLORESCENCE, Rye Frankie Larsen, United Kingdom 2021

Pissed Off Trannies Demonstrations, Pissed Off Trannies, United Kingdom 2022 - 2023


Free Entry


Films are looped from 6-10pm


Access: Films are subtitled in English, for addional access needs please visit Tates website


Warnings: nudity, urine, and minor use of outdated language such as TRANS3XUAL and TR@NNY


TRT: 40 mins

This event is part of Queer and Now, a festival dedicated to the powerful role of LGBTQIA+ art and culture in the UK.

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*Still Image by Rye Frankie Larsen