That's So Gay - Erotic Cinema Takeover

Fri Dec 16 2022
Institute of Contemporary Art, London

Invited by INFERNO Rave, Join us for a HOT Erotica Porn Takeover in Cinema 1 @ICA playing from 11pm-4am.

This selection of films is the product of research fueled by horniness: digging through porn archives and trawling the internet for obscure and obscene home movies searching for those films that possess a sense of do-it-yourself smut: cruising, pulling, perving, rough-n-ready, intimate, fucking with your eyes and everything else. This selection is an ode to queer sex, to its forced resourcefulness in needing to carve out moments and spaces for itself to exist, even if only in the shadows.

Curated by Ailo Ribas

Film Program

  • Shadows | Deborah Sundahl and Nan Kinney | USA | 1985
  • Dirty Boots | Adam Baran | USA | 2013
  • Pineapple | Garett Nolan | USA | 2022
  • Bathroom Slut | Lulu Sanchez | USA | 1991
  • Lesbians in Car BRV | Found Footage
  • 2 or 3 Things I Like About Him | Paul Stümke, Billy Vega | Germany | 2021